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Ms. Sumeeti Mittal, Founder & Trustee of Pratham Shiksha

Sumeeti Mittal is the Founder & Trustee of Pratham Shiksha; a Jaipur Rajasthan (India) based charitable organization promoting basic education for underprivileged children living in slum areas of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Apart from the regular morning shift of the school, the flexi timing classes are conducted for the primary and high school.

Born in a family of Engineers, Sumeeti was a brilliant student and had a bend towards engineering from an early age. Her father always inspired her to focus on studies. He believes that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Her mother the pillar of the family imbibed the human values of honesty, freedom, respect, equality and sensitivity toward others in her. Sumeeti studied Civil Engineering at MBM Engineering College, JNV University, Jodhpur. She was conferred with the Bachelor of Engineering in Civil. She cleared RPSC examination and was offered the position of Assistant Engineer in Public Health Engineering Department. There she worked for about two years but her passion for technology had sparked within.

An abroad trip to US made her ponder over the thought that even the under privileged children in developed countries go to school and are educated but not so in India. This inspired Sumeeti to start ‘Pratham Shiksha’. The school which started in a garage portion of her house has now evolved to become full-fledged school up to 8th grade in a rented premise with seven classrooms and other amenities along with conveyance facilities for students. Till date 2500+ students have been educated at Pratham Shiksha. She plans to expand the student base and upgrade school till 10th standard. School runs vocational classes like electrician, plumbing and stitching courses for boys, girls as well as for their mothers and elder sisters and brothers. These courses will equip children with skills to move ahead in life and earn a livelihood for themselves. This is inline with “Skill India” mission.

Jaipur city, well known for its jewelry and carpet industry, creates huge demand for child labor. The children coming from small income are lured in these industries to earn a livelihood for their families. The boys help their parents in their jobs as helpers or find individual jobs for themselves. The girls on the other hand are married at any early age or help mothers with the daily household chores. They work in other people homes as domestic helps; take care of younger siblings at home. With such responsibilities, the motivation to study and learn is lost half way and at times they even forget the basic aptitude learnt at school.

This leads to higher dropout rate amongst girls and boys after primary school. To counter it, Pratham Shiksha started flexi timing classes. A pioneering practice, it helped the students to continue their education with job and personal responsibilities. Also pre-primary classes have been introduced to get children accustomed to school environment from an early age.

A number of students have benefitted from the flexi-timing classes. For instance, some students run food joints at streets during the day and study during afternoon free time. The school has also supported the children with their further studies and financial support.

The Academy School, London & Pratham Shiksha, Jaipur are friends and are supporting each other in their idea of exposing the students to the global environment. Sumeeti also takes basic introductory sessions for the students at The Academy School during her visits every year to London.

Pratham Shiksha has been recognized at Make In India Awards for Excellence – 2015 under NGO Category for its contribution in social development.      

Apart from Pratham Shiksha, Sumeeti Mittal has set up RoboGalaxy, an e-learning portal and robotic lab catering to students from Grade 3 to Grade 10.  In addition, Mittal is also Co-founder & Director of Pratham Software (P) Ltd, a Jaipur based global IT Service Company focusing on software development, IT consulting and offering offshore outsourcing solutions to enterprises worldwide. She has also been instrumental in founding V-Technos, a global IT training services company focusing on software training and development. V- Technos is imparting a real-world training experience & assist in enhancing skills through intensive hands-on exercises under the guidance of expert instructors.

She actively participates in various industry-academia programs organised by institutes and colleges in Jaipur. She interacts with students about emerging trends in corporate culture and IT industry.  She has also delivered lectures at International Robotics Conference, Russia in 2014.

 A widely travelled and noted speaker, she is on the board of various social forums. She is part of the ‘Mentoring Walk’ group helping her mentees by discussing and resolving issues faced in their personal and professional lives. She has also served on the governing body of FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO), Jaipur Chapter.


1)      Selected as #100Women in India by Women and Child department.
2)      Attended lunch and felicitation ceremony hosted by President of India Sh Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhavan on 22 Jan 2016-02-02
3)      Pratham Shiksha has been recognized at Make In India Awards for Excellence – 2015 under NGO Category for its contribution in social development.     Awarded by Governor of Gujrat Sh Kalraj Mishr
4)      Honoured with top 100 successful women in Rajasthan an initiative by NGO Tammana an event called ‘Tamanna Udaan Ki’.
5)      She has been felicitated by Mayor Jyoti Khandelwal on the Women’s day for her outstanding contribution towards the society.
6)      Honoured with “Vivekanand Sammaan” by Rajasthan Yuva Chhatra Sansthan and Nehru Yuva Kendra .

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