रविवार, 7 फ़रवरी 2016

Smt. Tamilselvi Nicholas : head of NESA VIZHUDHUGAL

Smt. Tamilselvi Nicholas is one among the hundred women selected across the country via social media on popular voting basis as women achievers of 'women in public life'.
Being an employee of BSNL chennai, she engages herself in social service in the radius possible for her capacity to navigate.
The selfless service being rendered by her is recognized and honoured by the President of India recently.
The spirit that she has inherited from her father to help the needy and the poor got her the recognition as a social worker.
She is serving the differently abled poor children to the extent possible by her means together with medical care and help for them.
She is of great and immediate help and support to accident victims by giving them first aid, admitting them in the hospital and care for them till they recover and get discharged.
She is also helping widowed women with in her possible limits to take up self employment and earn for their livelihood and help be independent.
She has also helped many children to con tinue with their higher studies for those who cannot support themselves as they are economically weaker.
Tamilselvi expresses great happiness and joy about the award she had received from president sri. Pranab mukherjee. It is only adding more responsibility and carry commitment to serve better and constantly strive for helping more and more people who have no one to attend or to hear their problems. She attributes all the honour that she receives goes to her dad who is no more now but is her secret inspiration behind her acts.

She is the head of NESA VIZHUDHUGAL, a team of friends in Facebook comprised of Tamil people across the world who stand united for many social causes and implementations.
With the help of her group she had managed to gift 2500 saplings to be planted across tamilnadu..
She had also directly participated in tree planting projects by travelling to remote villages. She has engaged remote school children in remote areas involving them in making their school campus green.
She is confident and enthusiastic about doing her bit as an individual and is sure about doing more in the future and excel in the field of social work to set an example to others that women apart from their regular work and family commitments can do a bit to the environment and i then society in their limited and restricted spheres of existence.

It is only her father who lived a life very different from the rest of the society which followed religion and rituals.He believed in freedom and expression of women and believed in women empowerment.
Born in a traditional religious family from his early boyhood till death he lived as a periarist and as an atheist.He gave complete freedom for girl.children and raised them with new outlook and courage to be an example in the society. He taught to respect everyone in the society and to be of help and support around us who may be suffering from any social reasons.Tamilselvi pays tribute to her father by dedicating the honour that she received from the president recently to her father sri.Ayothiraman (late)

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