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Ms. Roshni Mukherjee : with a vision to provide Quality education

I am Roshni Mukherjee and I work with a vision to provide Quality education to one and all. I provide quality education to children of Class 6 to 12 absolutely free of cost through my website www.examfear.com. Examfear.com is a one-stop online platform that provides a complete educational package. It has a simple 4-step learning process:

· Watch educational video lessons

· Ask your questions

· Refer last minute revision notes

· Take a Test to evaluate yourself

All contents on ExamFear.com are available to students free of cost. I have already created more than 4500 video lessons so far on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. There are more than 1.1 lakh subscribers on my YouTube channel.

I started creating ExamFear videos in July, 2011 while I was working as a Senior Quality Analyst at HP (Hewlett Packard) Bangalore. I have always been very passionate about teaching. I wanted to teach & reach the masses. Being in the IT industry, I felt that I can make use of Internet to teach & reach millions of students throughout the world. Sometime during 2011, I came across my maid who often complained that her kids who were studying in a small school in their native town were deprived of quality education & therefore could not clear their exams. This incident touched me and made me think that money is a barrier to a lot of people who cannot afford expensive schools or colleges. I could sense that a lot of organization which provided quality education was not affordable to many; on the other hand there were affordable organizations which unfortunately could not provide quality education. Therefore, I decided to provide quality education free of cost through my website www.examfear.com.

With time, I realized that the number of students using ExamFear.com was increasing. I received numerous emails which showed how people from small towns & villages and poor families are being benefitted with ExamFear. I felt immense pleasure & satisfaction seeing the impact of ExamFear. I finally resigned my job in 2014, and started providing free education through ExamFear.com full time.

Impact of ExamFear.com

My YouTube channel has more than 1.1 lakh subscribers today. The channel is flooded with appreciations from students, teachers & parents throughout the world. The first thing I do every morning when I start my work is to read the comments; which motivates me to work with more energy towards my goal of promoting free quality education. I receive numerous emails which show how people from small towns & villages and poor families are being benefitted with ExamFear. A lot of teachers and parents also refer ExamFear.com for better understanding which helped them guide their children. “I am from poor family my parents will not send me any tution.... ur explanation videos help me much more. Hartfull tahnks to you madem. ur like a saraswati devi for me” as posted by Ismail. Another student, Abu talha shared with us “I scored 98 in my physics exam because of you!!! u just rock”

Receiving such comments from the viewers of ExamFear.com is my reward. A lot of students like Manoj Kumar share their success story with us ” I m so thankful to you ... pls continue ths for free . Bcoz of this website my frnd cracked mbbs entrance after 6 years ... to accomplish his dream ... his dream got hope after seeing this website”

I am totally confident and motivated to bring about a positive change in the education sector in this era of Digital India. I do not want students to study for the fear of exams anymore. Education is all about learning new things and understanding the concepts. As I always say, if concepts are clear, students will anyways clear their exams. ExamFear is geared up to remove the fear of exams in students.

ExamFear has already reached all parts of the country wherever Internet has reached. I will make sure that we find out ways to reach more remote areas and educate everyone. I am sure that an educated nation would be an enlightened one, which would make a better tomorrow.

I am extremely glad and honored that I have been recognized as one of the “100 women Achievers” of the country to be invited for the felicitation ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi. The story of ExamFear.com has been covered in a lot of newspapers, magazines & journals. Refer http://www.examfear.com/media for more details on Media & Press.

Feel free to contact us at examfearvideos@gmail.com

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