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Ms Sangita Puri, (#100women achiever) ... Scientific Astrologer representing Gatyatmak Jyotish

Mrs. SangitaPuri has been working and writing for over 30 years to promote the latest scientific branch of astrology ‘GatyatmakJyotish’, developed by her father Shri VidyaSagarMahtha, with the aim to improve the lifestyle of the people over which a better society could be established.

· Context on astrology: Since ancient times, people have combined past experiences and current realities with future prospects to go about their lives. They could foresee the rising and setting of the sun, climate change, full and new moons merely by looking at the sky and the conception of astrology can be traced to this study of planets during night-time. Indeed, the concept that ‘every event is determined by the coordination of planets’ has unlimited research possibilities. This video ....

· Current issues with astrology: Several mathematicians with the speed of their math, wizards with their ‘magic’, tantriks with their mantras and pundits with their rituals have hijacked the agenda of astrology and confused people for personal gains. The legends which have been attributed to astrology over centuries have not helped either. Due to these messy and disorderly practices, the public is not aware of the benefits of astrology which can help people make decisions, through futuristic predictions

· The new kind of astrology: Sh. VidyaSagarMahtha dispelled various superstitions in the field of astrology through his research, while developing a branch of astrology named ‘GatyatmakJyotish’ or ‘Dynamic Astrology’ which can be used to draw a person’s life volatility graphs on the basis of locations of planets during his birth. Mrs. SangitaPuri also published numerous articles on ‘GatyatmakJyotish’ in magazines like Babaji, JyotishDham and her own book titled ‘गत्‍यात्‍मक दशा पद्धति : ग्रहों का प्रभाव'

Social program: After bringing these myths to light, Mrs. Puri used her blog to test the logic of modern superstitions and rid her readers of the fear of myths like Manglik, Rahu-Ketu, Solar and Lunar Eclipse. Using the ‘GatyatmakJyotish’ life volatility graphs, she has been able to determine if and when a person is in control of his circumstances. With the support of these principles, she provided appropriate astrological counselling to millions of people, who read her blog or reached out through calls and letters, and set them on the path of prosperity. Instead of wasting their time and money on fruitless worship and gemstones like other traditional ‘astrologers’, Mrs. Puri guides them through good and bad times by providing them with a corresponding program to help them with their problems

· So why ‘GatyatmakJyotish’?:Passengers can reach their destination walking in the dark, a student can give an exam without a watch and a man can go through the year without looking at a calendar. However, a passenger with a torch, a student with a watch and a man with a calendar will realize that their journeys are much more comfortable with these objects in possession. In the same way, ‘GatyatmakJyotish’ has been helping people by offering them a picture of their whole lives

You may find Mrs. SangitaPuri and her research on ‘GatyatmakJyotish’ on her blog over at www.sangeetapuri.blogspot.in. with thousands of follower all over the world . If interested, please reach out through the blog to purchase her book‘गत्‍यात्‍मक दशा पद्धति :ग्रहों का प्रभाव'

After voting she succeeded and selected #100women achievers by inistry of women and child development .

Sangita Puri 
Phone - 06549-266041
Mob. - 9835192280
Email - gatyatmakjyotish@gmail.com
Blog - sangeetapuri.blogspot.in
Google + Profile - https://plus.google.com/109449355093059546606
Facebook Profile - https://www.facebook.com/sangita.puri

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