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Dr. Lalita Sharma : Teaches Underprivileged children Academics and personality development

Dr. Lalita Sharma, Assistant Professor at the St . Paul Institute of Professional studies, Indore provides selfless services (Philanthropic) to the community by conducting Literacy classes for almost 300 Underprivileged children and teaches them Academics, Virtues oflife and personality development in the four neighbourhoods of Vijaynagar,Indore namely Scheme no 113, RaghunandanBagh colony, Lahiya colony and KabetKhedi since January2010.

When I shifted to this new area, I found that the parents of these children are working especially the mothers who work as maids doing household chores to support their family. Since these children are unattended for long hours they used to roam, wander idle, use dirty and filthy language, bunk or leave schools, smoke, drink and indulge in some unwanted activity like playing coins, gambling and so on.

It really made me sad as these children as well as youth are going to be the future of India, and are going to represent the so called Developing India . It was really saddening as instead of upliftment or progress of society, signs of degradation was seen.So, I thought of working with them asTheyneeded a direction, moral support so that they could grow up to be good human beings. My family supported me to start the classes. So, here at the Sanskar classes , we take care of these children and Youth- the school dropouts every evenings and channelize their strengths, and capabilities into constructivepurpose.

When we started the classes , almost 40% of the students were either drop outs or not admitted to the school, I even visited some of the homes of these students and gradually all the students got admitted in the schools now making it 100%.

In the Sanskar classes, they are trained to be good individuals, to be truthful, be honest, loving,caring, sharing, etc. through prayers, learning and understanding of quotations, colouring, drama, songs and cooperative games, simple acts of services like tree plantation, cleanliness awareness programs, visits to orphanage etc along with their Academic education from standard I to College level. During the holidays the girl students are also given training for Tailoring , Jewellery making, Flower making and other skills so that they are empowered and it could be useful for their future.

The elder brothers and sisters of these children are also provided training to teach the other children in their own locality. The parents of these children are visited sometimes and they are also invited for the meetings time and again. The family of these children also hosts Devotional Satsangs sometimes ,at their homes where the participants of the Sanskar classes share their learnings through stories or drama.

As the classes are free of cost ,many students line up for getting registed in the class. As the seats are limited, preference is given to the girl students as I believe that educating a girl is educating the generations to come. There are also some instances where the school teachers of government school tell the students who are already coming to Sanskar classes to take along their other friends too so that everyone in the class become good.

My only aim is to help all of these children and Youth to be good Citizens of Developing India and exhibit good Virtues in their life thus leading their society and contributing their share in making a better place to live in peace and harmony irrespective of thediversity.

I have also hired some teachers to help me in the classes which I am able to do by earning my salary as I am a teacher by profession.

Dr.(Mrs.) Lalita Sharma

Anant Sadan, House no 281

Scheme no 113

Near SICA School, Vijayanagar

Indore. Madhya Pradesh

Email- lalitaanant@gmail.com

july 2015

Phone- 09424512339.

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