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Story of ms Sadhna Sharma - struggle of an identity!

A middle class woman of India is not less than a valiant warrior .
She fights with circumstances,dedicates her life to family meanwhile she can also stand high in every commercial sector be it government , health fashion or education.
I am from Raipur chattisgarh , being born the eldest in the family of 2 sisters and 1 brother.
I come from a middle class family with not so fortunate circumstances . I kept travelling to my grandmother and uncle's house for studies.
My grandfather was a lawyer and admirable writer. I think it's his genes and blessings that has helped me to be an eloquent writer as well.
I have an interest towards poetry and have published computer related books in Hindi.
As far as education is concerned, in the primitive era education was only to qualify an alliance for marriage , women were not supposed to be career oriented rather they had no clue what the word career means.
I got married at the age of 20 and was having a B.S.C (bio) degree , and got settled in balco, Korba chattisgarh .
I had to follow the veil culture as it was an orthodox family like any other family in that time.
It was certain not to get support because I had a passion for computer education which was uncommon in those days. But, I was lucky to have a helping and understanding husband who allowed me to chase my dreams.
After 10 years of marriage I started learning computer which was difficult as I had 2 children to take care off but my passion kept me going.
Despite of hearing so many taunts and listening that 'this is not a woman's cup of tea' I was sure not to give up on myself.
In 1992 an agency approached me offering a job of a computer teacher in 2 schools. I had to carry the computer in a rickshaw to and fro.
Then I started teaching 12 girls at home and started pursuing PGDCPA , in a very short span of time I got a room for rent and started computer classes in 1996.
Slowly I started recruiting my students as teachers for my computer class.
In this way the class slowly grew to become an institute. We started educating them in Hindi and chhatisgarhi. Wrote books for WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT , C++, INTERNET, FOX PRO, tally , VB.net, fundamentals operating system etc in Hindi to help them learn.
My students started getting jobs in different parts of the country and different countries as well.
That inspired me and made me proud to know that I am able to educate and help an individual and in turn helping in developing the country in some way.

• B.Sc. Bio 1983
• PGDCPA 1992-93
• PGDCA 1997-98
• M.Sc. IT 2004-05
• M.Phil (CS) - Jan 2008-Dec 2008
• MBA Major IT Minor HR -2009-2011
• Phd pursuing
• meanwhile gave training in corporate sector  NTPC Audit office Secl SBI BALCO
• Gave free of cost training to 112 Collectorate employees in KORBA
• considering the 'BETI PADHAO ' gave admission to 50 slum girls who are in 10 standard now
• Valmiki Ashram students get free computer education in summer holidays. And also donate computer to Ashram.
• gave training to DUDA (District Urban Development  Authority)
•gave training to  PMKVY students
• supporting old age home
• gave computer training to disabled students 'Diwyansh'.
• donate a computer to dondaro village for trible students.

• Got honoured by president for #100 women achievers award-women empowerment.
•  Vedanshi award in 2011

Name: Sadhana Sharma
Grand father: Late Madhav Prasad Tiwari Advocate
Grand mother: Late Rukhamani Tiwari
Father's name: Shri Balkrishna Tiwari
Morher's name: Smt Sulochana Tiwari
Date of Birth: 25/9/1962
Date of marriage:15/5/1983
Husband: Shri Bhupendra Sharma
Son: Soubhik Sharma (B.E. MBA)
Job : Hilti swiss company in Banglore
Daughter in law: Noopur (B.E. CS)
Job: Cognizant Banglore 
Daughter: Surabhi (B.D.S)
Job: Researcher in California (U.S.A.)
Son in law : Sachin (IIIT Hydrabad)
Job : Walt Disney in California 
Contact number: 9826541219
Facebook: www.facebook.comm/Sadhana sharma
Tweet: @sharmamlc
webpage: mlcit.webs.com

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