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Ms Rachna Mehra -Theta Healer who can energize you and spin your world into a new orbit-

 In today’s era, when people are tired of the hectic life, jam packed schedules, vanishing minimalism and stress playing havoc, here is Rachna Mehra, a Soul catalyst who not only withstands all the chaos but has put a step to heal others. Her penchant to serve and heal the people makes her a mediator of the ultimate truth, God. Honoured with a Certificate of Science, A Master Instructor Theta Healing® from Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, USA changed the voyage of her life. A demure graduate in Business communication from HL College of Commerce, Ahmedabad became an ambrosial person. Being born in a religious family, it was always her desire to know the croup of the creator. Nurtured by the Vianna Stibal, a legend in Theta Healing®.She is also contributes for ‘Inner Voice’ column in Hindustan Times & Recognised among 100 Women Achievers of India in the category of health & wellness. Recently she is honoured by Hon. President of India in association of Ministry of Women & Child development of India. She also is recognised by Ishma for her compassionate work to help individuals to evolve emotionally physically and spiritually. She edifies the philosophy of unconditional love and to acclimate oneself to forget and forgive. Theta Brain Waves are most active in deep sleep, dreaming or meditation and helps solve problems by​ entering into a problem solving state.“When we are going into a Theta brainwave to conduct healing sessions we are not only healing others, we are healing ourselves at the same time!!!! Practicing since 2006, its my compassion for those in need have given me the ability to be titled as a passionate healer, intuitive and an essence of celestial beauty, a procurement of transcendental power in connection with the Divine. The sages take thousands of years to connect to the omnipresent God but through Theta you can reach the almighty in just few seconds. I call it a 3E program. Education Experience and Enlightenment.

“Knowledge increases by sharing”, as I call myself a Soul Catalyst walking on  footsteps of goodness  and have decided to conduct workshops to self transform people and heal them and reprogram their belief. The main objective  is to connect people to the omnipresent Divine Energy and to prepare them to be tolerant against 
​emotional stress and ​
​ ​
lead an ecstatic life.
About Theta Healing®:
Theta Healing® is an intuitive and simple reconnection with the unconditional love present in each one of us. It is easy and available to everyone; the negatives like envy jealousy and self defeating depressions anxiety are unknotted from the psyche and you learn to stand whole again. Naturally this means your stress levels dive and you are able to get into better decision making as well as better relationships with the world and​ yourself. An easy meditation where a practitioner  connect and pass on the energies to you so that you see physical, emotional & spiritual healing. 
Theta Healing® is a supplement of medical aid but not its substitute. 
The Theta Healing® technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personality journey back to health.

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पोस्‍ट-ग्रेज्‍युएट डिग्री ली है अर्थशास्‍त्र में .. पर सारा जीवन समर्पित कर दिया ज्‍योतिष को .. अपने बारे में कुछ खास नहीं बताने को अभी तक .. ज्योतिष का गम्भीर अध्ययन-मनन करके उसमे से वैज्ञानिक तथ्यों को निकलने में सफ़लता पाते रहना .. बस सकारात्‍मक सोंच रखती हूं .. सकारात्‍मक काम करती हूं .. हर जगह सकारात्‍मक सोंच देखना चाहती हूं .. आकाश को छूने के सपने हैं मेरे .. और उसे हकीकत में बदलने को प्रयासरत हूं .. सफलता का इंतजार है।