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Ms Monica Purohit : social worker with a difference

Monica Purohit is a social worker with a difference. She is striving in the empowerment of Deaf Women and children. She is a state level women coordinator of M.P Deaf & Dumb Police Helpline run by Indore Police in joint conjunction with Anand Service Society. She teach deaf-dumb kids, instill the confidence in them to go out and face the ‘normal’ world, and leave no stone unturned to make their voice heard. Along with imparting knowledge, she with her husband Mr. Gyanendra Purohit also fought for making government officials take notice, and create a model police station that could pay special attention to such disabled people. It is a rough road, and giving them a voice ruffled a few feathers, which resulted into death threats to her as well. But determined to make a difference, she is moving ahead on the same path. Her mission now is to also provide these disabled people with entertainment. There was no deaf friendly police station in India where a deaf person may lodge a complaint in sign language. It is due to this unique reason deaf friendly police station was been opened on 7september 2002 at Thana Tukoganj Indore.

Her education is B.Sc. Geology, Masters in Social Work, Diploma in Fashion Designing and Marketing, B.Ed. in Deaf Education, M.Ed. in Teachers and Special education.

Her husband is Mr. Gyanendra Purohit is leading social activist and High Court Lawyer. She is mother two smart boys Sarthak studying in class 9th and Chinmay in class 6th.

It created a great impact on the deaf and mute community as for the first time deaf people got opportunity to lodge their complaint in sign language and gestures which made this community aware that they can also lodge a complaint like a normal person or otherwise if there complaint is lodged in any police station or court will be felicitated with the help of sign language expert like us. The deaf community started enjoying like a normal person while watching a movie; it made them humming songs and dialog in sign language. After the opening of police station many victims got justice and culprits were sentenced by court with imprisonment.

The innovation of providing sign language assistance in police stations and courts to the deaf and mute victims is unique in this initiative and the nature of helping in this way itself justifies that it is different.

This initiative is catering the needs of entire deaf and mute population of Madhya Pradesh approx 3lacks. So far in the span of 15 years time it has attended more than 500 cases. All including police station courts and counseling.

She is also holding the post of Director of a Deaf Dumb Institute working for the upliftment of women and especially abled children under the aegis of Anand Service society. The Institute is running four Integrated residential hostels for deaf at rural and tribal areas of MP at Dhar, Khandwa, Alirajpur and Indore. Her achievements are as follows.

1- She Composed National Song Vande Matram in Sign Language and also has been the key person in the composition of national anthem in sign language.

2- She is been the key mentor in starting the residential schools and hostel for Deaf and Dumb children and women in the tribal districts in Dhar, Khandwa and Alirajpur 

3- She is the recipient of Alex memorial Award for exemplary services for the differently abled community.

4- She initiated in the opening of Deaf Dumb friendly Police Stations in Tukoganj Indore, Lordganj Jabalpur, Hujrat Kotwali Gwalior, Mahila Thana Civil Lines Rewa, Police control room Satna.

5- She is been honored by Amitabh Bacchan Ji in his TV Show of Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi on 15 November 2015 along with her Husband Gyanendra Purohit for the selfless service to the deaf and community of India 

6- She is also been honored by Rastriya Swayam Siddh Samman by Jindal Steel Foundation on 14 January 2016 for the unique initiative to identify, to reward and recognize grassroots leaders and innovators for their exemplary courage , commitment and confidence that has enabled them to overcome adversities , making them a source of inspiration for many in India. 

7- She is been honored recently as 100 women achiever of India. The initiative was jointly launched by union ministry of women and child development in collaboration with facebook. She is been honored by the President of India on 22nd January 2016. 

8- Recipient of Zee women achiever award 2016 for upliftment of deaf children and women empowerment.

9- Received Swaraj women excellence award 2016 for upliftment of deaf children and women empowerment.

10-Recipient Gurjar Goud 1st Ratna samman 2016. 

11-She has formed CODA club of the normal children of Deaf Adults who shares common issues and problems together.

12-Indore nagar Nigam Also honored Monica Purohit as a best teacher amongst the special educator category.

13-Indore Traffic Police honored Monica Purohit for the creative contribution to the society by Deaf Women and children.

14-Received Rotary club award 2016 for excellent service for deaf children and women.

15-Received Inner Wheel club award 2015- 2016 for excellent service for deaf children and women.

16-Malwa Nimar Badhir Sangh also honored Monica Purohit for the best contribution in the field of Deaf education and rehabilitation.

17-Helped Rinki a Deaf Dumb woman in reaching to her house. She had short memory loss along with deafness.

18-Translated the statement of a Deaf woman been gang raped in sign language in depalpur Police Station and in the court of Indore.

19-Performed Mime show for voter awareness by deaf children to sensitize the public in collaboration Inner wheel club of Indore uptown.

20-Started online whatsapp and video calling services through Skype in Tukoganj Police station Indore for Deaf Dumb 

21-The Deaf friendly police station upgraded to other category of disabled persons also.

22-She helped in the complaint to be registered in Braille Script of Blind persons.

23-Gynecology society also honored for the great services for the welfare of disabled women in the year 2015 by the Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan. 

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