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Ms Pinki Rani Jangra : competing in boxing game

Pinki Rani, was born on 28th April, 1990 in Village - Sarsana, Hisar, Haryana in a middle class family.  Till 1997, she spent her life in village itself and then shifted to Hisar. Pinki’s father, Shri. Krishan Kumar is working as Kanoongo, D.C. Office, Hisar and mother Smt. Prem Devi is homemaker. She is youngest among three siblings.
Pinki is competing in boxing game which has largely been dominated by men till recent times. Pinki is one of the exceptions in the state of Haryana, where perception of the society about women has not considered to be fair or at par with the developed societies, and where Dalits, backward vulnerable persons considered not to make it to the games because of the society attitude.
But Pinki’s more than 10 years of dedicated journey has not been less exciting and she fights against odds to win Bronze medal in Commonwealth Games, Glasgow 2014, recent top most achievement. Pinki was captain of Women team at Arafura Games, Australia 2011 and World Championship, Jeju, South Korea 2014 and her recent carrier best ranking in World is 2.

Contribution to Society/Community: Pinki has participated in many movements to uplift the status of women in the society. She featured in “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” program initiated by Haryana government last year and facilitated by Government of Haryana on International Women Day 2015 for outstanding contribution in Sports.  She was also showcased in “Ab Ke Baras Mohe Bitiya Hi Dijo” an initiative to empower women by Focus News in Collaboration with Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. 
She inspired whole young women generation to come out to fulfill dreams. She educated senior generation to look beyond gender/caste factors and provide equal opportunities to females. As results of her committed efforts, many young girls are taking up sports as their carrier.
Pinki congratulates Government of Haryana for their committed effort for equality of women in every field and now she perceives that atmosphere in Haryana is great for women even in sports. New game development policies encourage youngster women to take up sports and Haryana is leading the country in terms of game medals for us it is a matter of joy and pride is also on his players.

Pinki is optimistic about her preparation for Rio Olympics 2016 and make proud India by winning medal.


Detail of achievements:
Pinki has won medals in various International and National tournaments, listed below are major:

      Won Bronze Medal in XX Commonwealth Games, Glasgow 2014
      Won Gold Medal in President Cup, Indonesia 2014
      Won Silver Medal in 3rd Nations Cup, Serbia 2014
      Participated in World Women Boxing Championship 2012
      Won Silver Medal in 6th Asian Women Championship, Mongolia 2012
      Won Gold Medal and Best Boxer Award in Arafura Games, Australia 2011
      Won Gold Medal in Indo-Sri Lanka dual boxing championship 2010
      Won Gold Medal continuously four times in All India Inter-Railway Boxing Championships in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 years
      Won Gold Medal in 1st Monnet Women Elite National Boxing Championship, Raipur 2014
      Won Gold Medal in 13th Senior Women's National Boxing Championships, Guwahati 2012
      Won Gold Medal in 4th Inter-Zonal Women National Boxing Championships, Visakhapatnam 2012
      Won Gold Medal in 7th Senior Women North India Boxing Championship, Bhopal 2012
      Won Silver Medal in 12th Senior Women’s National Boxing Championship, Bhopal 2011
      Won Gold Medal in 34th National Games, Jharkhand 2011

In Media:
·         https://goo.gl/NWgirI
·         https://goo.gl/Rf0U7s
·         https://goo.gl/NCzYyF

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