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Ms. Sonia Mackwani young award-winning Social Entrepreneur

Sonia Mackwani  is a young award-winning Social Entrepreneur, an Author, a Psychic Healer, a Therapist, Trainer/ Mentor, Script-writer and an upcoming film-maker.
She is the Founder- Director of Touching Lives, a Mumbai based NGO working for the education, empowerment and enlightenment of children – with the vision to have every child become an ‘Independent Learner’.
A TEDx Speaker, her books, meditation CDs, free online programs and trainings help to raise funds for supporting education and mental health of children at Touching Lives and also building capacity in every mentor to become a conscious leader.
Accolades and Recognition
·        WON #100 Women Achievers of India by Ministry of Women & Child Development 2015 in category of ‘Education’ and will be felicitated at a lunch gathering with President of India.
·        Awarded the World Women Leadership Award at the World Women Leadership Congress 2015
·        Emerged among the TOP 5 Mercedes Benz A Class Achievers 2014
·        National Level Screenwriter Award by MAAC & Shamiana Short-Film Club for her socially inclined script – ‘The Play’ 2015
·        Noble Laureate Award – Karmaveer Puraskaar by iCongo - CNBC Young Turk Transformer - Social Entrepreneur Category 2011
·        Gaurav Puraskaar 2011
·        Aga Khan Youth Award for Excellence in Leadership 2007
·        Aga Khan Social Role Model Award 2009

About Touching Lives
Sonia was only 21 when she started ‘Touching Lives’ in 2003. She was then, simultaneously pursuing her education in Psychology from Mithibai College and then further her Masters in Clinical Psychology from University of Mumbai. Sonia also did her Masters in Clinical Hypnotherapy. 
She started Touching Lives with the foundational value in her heart that – ‘It is completely our need to serve than saying, we serve the needy.’ And this value stays strong in the ethics of the organization even today.  
Sonia wrote two books then, to support Touching Lives financially and to register it under The Bombay Public Trust Act in 2006. She conducted tuitions & workshops on Psychology, Meditation & other spiritual concepts to raise funds and at the same time continue her inner journey of evolution. She was also a Trustee of Atmaviswas Vidyalaya – a residential mental rehabilitation centre in Valsad, Gujarat training the care-takers and supporting the inmates.
Nature & Work of Touching Lives
With her ideology of seeing every human as a supreme potential to contribute in this universe, she developed Meta-Quantum Learning Model that focuses on supporting every child to become a ‘whole’ human – that is, providing them and their families with therapeutic interventions towards learning and education and become a successful individual socially, economically, mentally, physically, spiritually & aesthetically. 
VISION is to have every child become an ‘INDEPENDENT L(E)ARNER”
MISSION is to set up quality resource centres (generally termed as Learning Centre & Community Centre) that allow children to recover, discover and do what they realize for themselves and for the world.
Touching Lives is a non-profit organization dedicated to Education, Empowerment and Enlightenment of children living in the slums of Mumbai. The organization runs independent learning centres. The committed children, aged 5 - 21, gain supplementary education through several learning programs. There is a cycle of 7 learning programs; starting from Community Beginners to Beginners Program, Preschool, Afterschool, Transit, Dream Project, Pay-It-forward Program. This allows the children to become independent and successful professionals in their chosen area. They could even be the future generation of leaders at your organization.
Touching Lives also supports other NGOs and schools both in rural and urban areas through teacher training and mentoring programs.
In 2015, we supported 250 children and over a period of next 5 years, we intend to support number of communities, children & their parents.
Her Books and Publications
·        Sonia has written two children’s books -Tales from Indian Mythology - Mahabharata (4 Volumes) and Tales from Indian Mythology - Ramayana (2 Volumes). They were published in 2006 by Magna Publications and were selected for the Frankfurt Book Fair during that year.

·        Everyone Can Heal, her debut non-fiction book of guided healing processes, released world-wide in 2014 digitally and paperback in 2005 by Leadstart Publishing. The book was graciously launched and unveiled in the presence of renowned Indian Playback Singer – Rekha Bhardwaj ji.

She currently has couple of fiction books on her desk.

Her Edu-Media Initiatives
Power Minutes (Five Minutes’ Guided Meditation) with Times Music
An audio-visual album for effective meditation – conceptualised by Sonia and recorded in her voice, released March’2015.

Social Awareness Films

Sonia’s script was selected and adapted into a short-film amongst 450 scripts from all over India in a National Scriptwriting Competition by MAAC & Shamiana Short-films for its socially inclined concept. The film was termed as one of the most expensive short-films in Indian Cinema. The short -film ABC, wins the Special Jury Award @ the 4th Delhi Shorts International Film festival '15.

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Her Therapeutic World (as a Psychic Healer & Trainer/Mentor)
Her practice involves training people and facilitating their journey towards highest consciousness through Counselling, Reiki, Master-Reconnection which is a healing process founded by her, Family Constellation and other intuitive ancient healing and wisdom modalities including ‘Birthing Into Being’ which is about conscious birthing, healing birth traumas and helping an adult too, to break-free from old limiting patterns. This helps to develop a strong relationship and foundation for a whole, successful and conscious human being.

Press and Media
Stories of her inspiring journey have been featured in various print and electronic media including Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar, Afternoon Dispatch, Savvy Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Meri Saheli, CNBC News Channel, Etv, Chitralekha and many more.
   *attached Media Links_Sonia Mackwani

Other Project and Collaborations
Sonia is currently working as a screenplay, story assistant & producer in an international film with an acclaimed Brazilian film-maker Marcos Negrao for his global film project called Child of Nature. The film also captures stories of children of Touching Lives representing India as a space of wisdom in the field.
Her director’s assistantship with a Sundance Award winning Bollywood film director Sarthak Dasgupta is in the pipeline.
She is on the move of making her own debut short-film on social awareness, inspiration and contribution and which will go under production in 2016.

Her Studies Now:
Besides her writing, she is intending to pursue learning film-making, singing for more creative expressions for contributing towards humanity and raising funds through that.

Her Vision & Plans
To build schools & therapeutic- learning centres where children, parents and communities come together to develop a child who is mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, aesthetically, economically, socially successful and who becomes a conscious contribution on this planet.
Please connect Sonia Mackwani at sonia.touchinglives@gmail.com and +91 9167032331

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