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Ms Shima Sendhil : sincere commitment and endless efforts have made her a popular humanitarian

Shima Sendhil was born in a village in Kerala on November 22, 1972. At present, she is serving as the Correspondent of Rathinam International Public School, Coimbatore (RIPS). She had her school education in an ordinary school in Kerala that provided excellent and comprehensive education and up-bringing. Later, Mrs.Shima Sendhil took up a major in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida, USA. While being a student there in USA, she earned for her college education by doing part time jobs and also from the financial grant provided by the US government for students who maintain a good grade point average. Apart from her graduation, she has an experience of working as a technical staff in SIEMENS, USA for five years. After her return from USA, she has worked as a teacher for a year in KPM School, which is one among the institutions of Rathinam Group. To gain further knowledge on the Indian working environment, she took up a job with Mobax Networks in Coimbatore and there she worked as a technical writer for four years. Now she is the mother of three children.

As Rathinam Group grew, she had to actively participate in the family business. At present, she is a dedicated, resourceful, and innovative educationist with a rich academic and administrative experience. Her dedication to perfection and broad experience has also earned the Principal of RIPS School a special award from the Governor for SMILE FOUNDATION ACTIVITIES.

Being one of the active directors of RATHINAM ARUMUGAM RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, she has organized various programmes to create awareness

among children and youngsters. By way of organizing such awareness programmes, she was able to sow her ideas on social well-being in the society. In addition, she along with her husband pioneered the flow of CSR funds from large corporates such as ICICI and L&T into free skill based training for 4000 people on a yearly basis which is all completely free for the students.  Skill training is for telecommunications, electrical wiring, plumbing, communication skills, photography, hair dressing,etc .  Rathinavani 90.8 is another initiative from her along with her husband which is community radio that won the award for being one of most innovative and creative community radios from the I&B Ministry last year.  Through the radio many community based social activities such as Chennai flood relief, Nepal Earthquake relief, Helmet awareness, Education for Illiterate Adults, Blood Donation Camps, Fire Safety awareness, planting trees, No food waste, Scholarship schemes are being initiated by her. 
She made her debut as a social activist in taking the major part of organizing the “no food waste programme” along with Mr. Abdul Kahni, a notable socialist. It was a huge success wherein it paved the way for another milestone “wealth out of waste” programme, bearing the importance of making use of wastes.
She is all the more committed to bring about the real and practical results in the lives of



Mrs. Shima Sendhil, who is well known as a philanthropist initiated a vocational training in the field of medical transcription. She was a part of it for a year. Graduates from rural background were chosen and given rigorous training. The prime focus of the training programme was to develop the graduates’ communication and help them explore the various career prospects in the pertaining field. The training facilitated the graduates to grab the ocean of opportunities.
"A book is a gift you can open again and again”. Adding to her role as an educationist, RIPS children along with Mrs. Shima Sendhil contributed books to the orphan children on The World Literacy Day emphasizing the importance of the education and knowledge in the modern era committing herself to maintain quality and efficiency. She lit the spark of interest for reading in the young minds.

Entrepreneur Development Cell at Rathinam Techzone campus is purely a brainchild of Mrs. Shima which was inaugurated by His Excellency the Governor of Tamil Nadu Dr. K. Rosaiah. The Entrepreneur Development Cell constantly motivates young people that through innovation and creativity anyone can become a success in business, no matter how young he or she is.


Shima has proven herself to be an active naturalist by initiating the tree plantation launch along with Actor Vivek at Rathinam campus under Green Kalam Project. Nearly 10,000 tree

saplings were planted in and around the Rathinam Campus. Her sincere efforts as a planet redeemer have earned her recognition all around making her a remarkable personality.

Shima took an extra step to make sure that the society goes green to save the planet. She organized a fashion show with the theme “Green World” to spur on the youth community to enjoy, appreciate and save the nature.


Amidst various responsibilities and social constraints, some women teachers excel in their profession. In an effort to appreciate and encourage those teachers who are willing to travel the extra mile, Mrs.Shima presented Recognition Awards on the International Women’s day.

·        Mrs. Shima is a recipient of the prestigious “Women Entrepreneur Award” from

Karur Vysya Bank on Women’s day celebration in the year 2013.

·        She was invited as a distinguished dignitary in many institutions and organizations. The reputed US based Multi-National Company, VWR acclaimed her as one of the most inspirational women in the year 2012.

Her sincere commitment and endless efforts have made her a popular humanitarian and a successful edupreneur.

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