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Ms Krithiga Ravichandran : mind is filled with revolutionary thoughts with regard to art forms

Name                         : Krithiga. R
Place                           : Pondicherry
Mobile Number         : +91 8220202062
Website                       : www.krithiga.com
Designation                : Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Name of the Field      : Art and Culture (Bharathnatyam)
Qualification              : M.Sc (Computer Science), M.Phil (Dance), (Ph.D Computer Science)           

·         First Class in Master of Fine Arts (M. F. A in Bharathnatyam 2010-2012) from the Kalai Kaveri College of Fine Arts, Thiruchirapalli (Bharathidasan University).
·         M.Phil in Dance from Tamil University, Tanjore.
·         UGC-NET Qualified in Dance during the year 2012.
·         SET Qualified in Computer Science during the year 2012.
·         “STATE BEST CHILD AWARD” from the Government of Puducherry in the year 2004.
·         Recipient of scholarship from Central Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT), New Delhi during the period 2004 - 2007.
·         Title “KALAI ILA NANMANI” from Sri Kokilambigai Thirukameshwarar Temple, Puducherry in the year 2005.
·         Recipient of Young Artist Scholarship from Central Ministry of Culture, New Delhi.
·         Selected under Tamil Nadu Iyal, Isai and Nataka Mandram’s Talent promotion scheme and performed at various Sabhas in Chennai, Madurai, Tanjore and Erode
·         Title “NRITYA JYOTI” from Naveen Kalakar, Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa in the year 2013.
·         Jury for the Kerala ‘Vasantha Utsav’ Bharathnatyam competition organized by the Kerala Child Welfare Society in association with the Govt. of Kerala at Trivandrum, Kerala in the year 2013.
·         Jury for the State Level Bharathnatyam competition, organized by the Education Department, Pondicherry for the occasion of Children’s Day Celebration in the year 2014.
·         Title “ILAIGNAR KALAI SIGARAM” by ‘Kuzhathaigal Kalai Ilakkiya Valarchi Kazhagam’, Pondicherry in the year 2013.
·         B-Grade artiste of Doordharshan – 2014.
·         Won prizes in many National Level Competitions.
·         “YOUNG TALENTED AWARD”, from South Zone Cultural Centre, Ministry of Culture in the year 2014.
·         “Indian Youth Delegation”, China in the year 2011, organized by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports.
·         Represented the cultural team for the “6th Indo-Vietnam Friendship Festival”, Vietnam in the year 2013 organized by the All India Peace & Solidarity Organization.

·         Performance at National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi in the year 2002.
·         Performance at Pune, Maharashtra organized by CCRT in association with Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrutik Sangh, New Delhi in the year 2007.
·         Performed at Thirupathi, for “BRAHMA URCHAVAM” during the year 2008.
·         Performed in National Youth Festival at Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa, 2010.
·         Performance in Dantan Grameen Mela, Dantan, West Bengal in the year 2010, organized by South Asian Fraternity.
·         Performed at Thiruvaarur, Thiruvaiyaaru and Thirunallaru Natyanjali Festivals many times.
·         Performed along with thousand dancers at the Cultural Festival to Mark the Tanjore Big Temple's Millennium Celebrations on 22nd September, 2010.
·         Performance at “Lok Rang” festival, Jaipur, Rajasthan in the year 2011, organized by the Art & Culture Department of Pondicherry in association with Jaipur Art & Culture Department.
·         Performance in the National Youth Festival, 2011 at Udaipur, Rajasthan.
·         Performance in the National Youth Festival – 2012 at Mangalore, Karnataka.
·         Performance at Rasiga Ranjana Sabha, Trichy, Tamil Nadu in the year 2012.
·         Performance at Hamsadhvani Sabha, Chennai in the year 2012.
·         Performance at Raja Muthaiaah Mandram, Madurai, Tamil Nadu in the year 2012.
·         Performance at Kavithalayam , Erode, Tamil Nadu in the year 2012.
·         Performance at Adhi Keshava Perumal Koil, Mylapore, Chennai organized by Malar Cultural Academy.
·         Performance at Karur Natyanjali in the year 2012.
·         Performance for World Dance Day – 2013 at Bangalore, organized by Sai Arts International.
·         International Theatre Festival – 2013, organized by South Zone Cultural Centre, in association with Puducherry Art & Culture Department and Drama Department of Pondicherry University.
·         Nandikar- International Theatre Festival – 2013, Kolkatta.
·         Performed at 59th Art and Nrithya Festival at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha in the year 2014.
·         Performed at Chidambaram Natyanjali Dance Festival – 2015.
·         Performed at Indianostrum Theatre, Pondicherry, for the World Dance Day celebration in the year 2015.

·         Krithiga Ravichandran is a young Bharathnatyam artiste from Pondicherry, whose mind is filled with revolutionary thoughts with regard to art forms.
·         Right from her schooling to Ph.D and the commencement of dancing classes, this young prodigy was brought up and trained by Govt. Institutions and now is a Govt. servant.
·         She initiated her training in the field of dance at the age of 5.
·         Besides playing the role of Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Rajiv Gandhi Government Arts and Science College, Puducherry and educating the rural students, she also imparts the art and cultural values of India to the society.
·         She claims that dance is a birth right of all the human beings.
·         Her primary motto is to educate and impart the society with the cultural values of India to preserve the art form afresh and anew.
·         Owning so much of interest and passion towards Bharathnatyam, she has been performing in many prestigious platforms that includes more than 500 stage shows to keep the art form alive.
·         To popularize Bharathnatyam at a global level and let the people inside and outside India realize the traditional and cultural values of Bharathnatyam, she has been volunteering to conduct Dance Demonstrations and workshops.
·         She has been conducting many workshops in the Auroville International City since 2012, for the foreign people, through which they were educated about the Indian dance forms.
·         She has been conducting Lec-Dem’s for foreigners of Tamil School of Pondicherry Institute of Linguistic and Culture (PILC), Govt. of Puducherry since 2013.
·         Besides having founded a trust namely “Veer Foundation of Arts and Culture”, for the development and growth of arts and culture, she also join hands to support other NGO’s such as Mughil Educational Trust, Amma Samuga Seva Maiyam etc., by offering them fund-raising programmes and free stage performances, recognizing their services to the society.
·         Pondicherry, being a city that is highly populated with French people and other tourists, utilizing this as an opportunity to create awareness about the art form, she has been associating with Chetak Travels, Pondicherry, to deliver lecture cum demonstrations and performances for the travelers and guests from abroad.
·         She has offered free dance classes for the students of the Special School of Blind, Deaf and Mutes, Government of Puducherry.
·         She teaches the techniques and nuances of Bharathnatyam through her dancing classes and also offers free dance classes.
·         She has contributed to the Documentary movies of Poets such as Kudandai. Pa. Sundaresanar and Thiruvalluvar in which she has danced to their lyrics.
·         She has been contributing to many literary works.
·         Though she was involved in many projects, she has recently taken up a challenging task of choreographing the celebrated text “Thirukkural”, for the entire 1330 couplets, which no artists have ever attempted or thought of before. Besides, audio rendering for the same has also been completed by her. It is also going to be a world record attempt. Through this attempt, she wishes to take the message of the text to every individual and create awareness on the morality, ethics and principles of life, as she always believes that art makes one a complete human being.
·         Her vision is to make the art form reach the people irrespective of caste, creed, religion and nationality. She is an inspiration and a role model for people of all age groups.
·         Her area of attention and focus includes training trans-gender people, differently abled, needy people, people in the below poverty line and tribes. She also promises to give them a global platform wherein they could explore, learn, improve and master the art form.


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