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Dr. Radhike Khanna : A philanthropist, an educationist, a social worker

A philanthropist, an educationist, a social worker, but most importantly a warm and kind-hearted person with the will and ability to ‘make things happen’, that’s Dr. Radhike Khanna.
Having devoted 29 years of her life striving for the development of people with special needs, Dr. Khanna broke away from the traditional mould to spark revolutionary strategies for their instruction and empowerment. She has worked tirelessly for the education, training and rehabilitation of the developmentally disabled, as well as for autistic children and young adults. Today, Dr. Radhike Khanna serves as the Vice Principal of SPJ Sadhana School, Mumbai and is the founder of Om Creations Trust and Shraddha Charitable Trust.

Notable Contributions
Ø  Dr. Radhike Khanna created the first and only five-year polytechnic course in the world that guarantees employment for disabled and developmentally disabled individuals. Through her diligent efforts, 1,100 individuals have been placed in productive roles in the society.
Ø  She founded the Om Creations Trust and the Shraddha Charitable Trust, both pioneering projects in the rehabilitation of developmentally challenged women and autistic men. This visionary planned and executed workshops that aimed at integrating the developmentally disabled into the national mainstream, thus enabling them to earn a livelihood and lead independent lives.
Ø  Dr. Khanna has also been instrumental in bringing about an attitudinal shift whereby parents have learnt to acknowledge and value their special child. The corporate world has welcomed them as prolific employees and the society too has begun to accept them in an inclusive manner.
Ø  Dr. Khanna also conducts capacity-building workshops for special educators. She has provided them with an invaluable tool to merge the child into the learning environment through the four-phased FACE Programme.
Ø  Dr. Khanna has conducted various ‘Training the Trainers’ programmes both nationally and internationally. The special programme is geared at training teachers in indigenous areas of special education, the objective being to expose educational professionals from marginal communities to the newest learning trends and methodology.
Ø  She has also participated and conducted lectures on subjects such as Women Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship in Management Institutes like SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai and Xavier School of Management Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur.
Ø  She has attended and participated in numerous conferences abroad which includes the ‘Global Initiatives for Change’ conference in Switzerland and the 16th Annual Learning Disorders Conference at Harvard, USA.
Ø  She has conceptualised seven documentary films on training the developmentally disabled, out of which “A New Paradigm” (2000) was awarded the Silver Peacock for the best documentary with a social theme; 'Behind the Glass Wall’ (2015) won a national-level award for the best educational film.
Ø  Dr. Khanna ’s sustained efforts have brought about a change in the mindset of people, making them understand that even the developmentally disabled have inborn strengths which if tapped and nurtured, can be leveraged to bring forth unimaginable creative talent. She has sacrificed personal goals to enhance the growth and well being of those in need. Dr. Radhike Khanna is a beacon of light for these special people who look up to her and continues to inspire a generation that is willing to make a change.

Awards & Felicitations

Ø  The President, the Executive Committee & the CSR Committee of the Cricket Club of India felicitated  for being awarded as one of the 100 most empowered women in India.

Ø  Felicitated by the staff of Om Creations for the #100Women Achievers Award.

Ø  Khatri Gaurav Award – 2016 presented by Khatri Samaj Amritsar.

Ø  Award presented byAmrit parivar parents association .

Ø  Nimpaa award 2016 presented by National Integration Multi Purpose Artists Association.

Ø  DAV public school, Lawrence road, Amritsar presented Guest of Honour.

Ø  Received award from Golden Temple Trust, Amritsar.

Ø  #100 Women Achievers Award in the category of “Disability and Disadvantage” by the Ministry of Women & Child Development, 22nd January 2016, New Delhi

Ø  Gaint Group of Byculla Present Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Education. (Educationist for the Year) on 30th August 2015, Mumbai

Ø  FACE – Foundation for Accelerated Community Empowerment – Certificate of Excellence, Rashtra Vibhushan Award for outstanding individual achievement & Distinguished Services to the Nation 19th April 2015, New Delhi
Ø  Rotary Club of Bombay Seaface – Vocation Excellence Award 2014-15.  For Contribution to Development & Education of Mentally challenged & Rendering Valuable Service to the Community
Ø  Award of Honour Presented For Services Rendered to the cause of Childhood Disability – Presented by Global Institute for Childhood Disability Amritsar, 27th September 2014
Ø  SPJ Sadhana School has been awarded the International School Award 2013-16 by the British Council.  This award has been recognised for “Outstanding Development of International Learning in the Curriculum”.
Ø  Certificate of Merit – CFBP Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Fair Business Practices as founder Trustee of OM Creations under the category of “Charitable Association”15th March 2013.
Ø  Pearson Teaching Award for Excellence in School Teaching February 2013
Ø  Indian Achiever Award from All India Business Development Association, New Delhi, for Best Social WorkerAugust 2011
Ø  Rotary Club of Bombay North- Certificate of Appreciation as Guest Speaker 2010
Ø  Sophia Achiever’s Award – for outstanding contribution & commitment in the field of Art & DesignDecember 2009
Ø  IMC Ladies Wing - Woman of the Year Award – 2008 for Outstanding Woman Citizen of Mumbai.
Ø  The Shell Helen Keller Award, December 2008, from The National Centre for Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disability (NCPEPD) for being a “Role Model for increased employment opportunities for the Disabled.”
Ø  National Award 2005, Government of India, presented by President Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, New Delhi, for Individual Working with the Mentally Disabled
Ø  Mikanos -Woman of Substance Award 2002,. She was among five Women Achievers of the city of Mumbai.
Ø  The Sadguru Gnanananda Award 2002 from Dr. A.P.J Kalam as Scientific Advisor,  in deep appreciation for the outstanding and pioneering efforts as a Special Educator.
Ø  The National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped, India (NASEOH), awarded Shri N.D. Diwan Memorial Award 1999, in appreciation for the outstanding achievement and deep involvement in promoting the rehabilitation of the mentally retarded and in the field of Autism and in recognition of meritorious contribution as a professional worker.
Ø  Tata Memorial Centre, Act Clinic & Social Department  express their gratitude and appreciation towards her valuable contribution at the 2nd Pediatric Brain Tumour Survivors Workshop held in November 1998                                                      
Ø  Lions International, Teacher’s Day Award, 1998.
Ø  Rotary Club of Bombay Peninsula, Mumbai, 1998 (For meritorious services towards the Community).
Ø  Certificate of Appreciation from S.P.J. Sadhana School, Silver Jubilee Celebration, 1997 (Commitment for training the Differently Abled)
Ø  Honoured by Sophia B. K. Somani Polytechnic, Silver Jubilee Celebration, 1994  (Outstanding ex-student with commitment and social conscience)
Ø  Lions International Award, 1994  (Best teacher of the Differently Abled)
Ø  Bronze Medalist, 1987 & 1990 (In teacher’s category for the most innovative article created for the Centre for Care Treatment and training of children in need of special care)      

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