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Ms Shruti Nagvanshi : A dedicated social worker

A dedicated social worker, Shruti has been the District General Secretary of Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Save Childhood Movement), a national movement against child labour from 1996 to 1997. Shruti is the founder of Savitri Bai Phule Women’s Forum, a social organisation which works for the empowerment of women members to fight against social evils like caste and gender based discrimination and the Hindu conservative patriarchal value system. The organisation draws inspiration from Savitri Ba Phule who was the first Indian woman to become a teacher and founder of the first shelter home for the battered women victims. When her husband died Savitri went against the social traditions by accompanying the dead body and also lighted the pyre. The Forum celebrates 10th March as Indian Women’s Day, as this is the death anniversary of Savitri Ba Phule.
 People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights, (PVCHR) was formed in 1996 in collaboration with famous Hindi poet Gyanendra Pati, internationally well known Sarod maestro Vikash Maharaj, Historian Dr. Mahendra Pratap Singh and Human Rights activist and her husband Dr. Lenin.
During the past eleven years Shruti with the help of the organisation has taken up around 3500 cases of discrimination against women, children and Dalit community. Efforts of her organisation have been able to secure interventions by the Government, Commissions and administration (namely local panchayat administration) on almost three hundred cases. Out of these some two hundred cases had positive results. These are the cases taken up personally by her, besides many other cases taken up on behalf of her organisation.
Shruti has been the convenor of Voice of People, state wide joint alliance of civil society organisations working for the promotion of children rights since October 2013. Shruti has also severed on the District Food and Supply Advisory Committee of Varanasi as a member appointed by Governor of Uttar Pradesh.  In recognition of her contribution, she has been awarded HT Women Appreciation Certificate by the leading Indian daily English newspaper, The Hindustan Times. Shruti has also been honoured by Shri P.L.Punia, Chairperson, National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes for her commendable work for Dalit rights.
Shruti has written many articles in both Hindi and English languages. Her article about corporal punishment of Dalit Mushar children in school of Pindara, Varanasi in India published in sarokar.net and then published on editorial page of National Hindi daily ‘Jansatta’, which became a suo-motto petition and taken up by the High Court of Uttar Pradesh. Intervention of High Court brought the justice and hope for the dalit children.
Shruti along with Dr. Archana Kaushik of Delhi University wrote an article on plight of weavers of Varanasi, which is translated into French by Mr. Ben Deboc. http://www.pvchr.net/2011/08/tisseur-de-reve-vie-de-cauchemar.html
Shruti was born and brought up in a middle class family as the eldest child. Her father was employed with the Life Insurance Company. She studied up to intermediate (Pre-University studies) at Basant Kanya Vidyalaya founded by Annie Beasant of the Theosophical Society of India. Since her childhood days, Shruti nourished the idea of a just and equitable society and often used to get deeply disturbed by looking at the existing social inequalities and exploitation and especially the widening gap between the rich and the poor in her native city of Varanasi where poor people were often forced to go to bed without food. Despite family opposition to her ideas, Shruti took up the challenge to work and help the poor and the deprived.
Born on 2 January 1975 at Varanasi
Married to Lenin Raghuvanshi on 22 February 1992; has a 17 year old son, Kabeer Karunik
1993: District General Secretary of Bachapan Bachao Andolan (Save the Childhood Movement), Varanasi.
1996: Founded People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) along with Lenin Raghuvanshi, in association with Dr. Mahendra Pratap (Historian), Vikash Maharaj (Musician), GyanedraPati (poet) to work on child labour free village.
1999: Founded Jan Mitra Nyas, a public charitable trust, for carrying out work on crucial issues of governance and Human Rights in five adopted villages near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.
2000: Kabeer Premi Samnwayan Samiti, New Delhi awarded Jan Mitra Samman in Kabir Mela on3-5 November 2000 with hand of lyricist and writer of Bollywood Mr. Javed Akhter 
2001: Elected to the Executive Council of Voice of People (VOP, 25000 membership), a state wide people's alliance to highlight and bring into national focus the child right in Uttar Pradesh.
2002: Campaigned and mobilized at State and national level for prevention of torture.
2003: Established Savitri Bai Phule Mahila Panchayat, a women forum

2004: Created Model Village "people Friendly Village" to enable and amplify the voice of the marginalized with especial focus on realization on child right in field.
2005: Conceived and convened People's SAARC at Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. The objective was to bring the issues faced by the people of SAARC countries on to a common platform and forge a forum based on people to people relationship to fight against the evil designs of caste, communal, ethnic, and fascist forces in the region. The most important declaration read, "We cherish and uphold the Rule of Law, sovereignty of the people, a system of governance that ensures devolution of power, People' right to self-rule and control over resources." The core committee comprised of PVCHR (India), INSEC (Nepal), People's Forum for Human Rights (Bhutan), Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, LOKOJ (Bangladesh) and Wiroslokh Institute (Srilanka).This convention also triggered off a series of similar conventions across the SAARC countries. Two major outcomes of the convention were the inclusion of Afghanistan in the SAARC, and the inclusion of civil society voices in the decision making process adopted in the Dhaka declaration in SAARC, 2005.
2007: Established Folk School for Dalits in Belwa region.
2007: Participated in 2007 Gwangju Human Rights Award of May 18 Foundation of South Korea.
2010: Participated in 2010 International Human Rights Award ceremony at City council of Weimar in Germany.
2011: Received Usmania Award from Madarsa Usmania, Bazardiha, Varanasi in India for the development and welfare of education.
2012: Jan Mitra Nyas, a public charitable trust for PVCHR received ISO 9001: 2008 Certification for quality management system.
2013: Convenor of Voice of People (VOP), one of largest network of child right in UP
2015: Published book “Margin to Center” co-authored with Dr. Archana Kaushik in frontpage publication, London

Contact: SA 4/2 A, Daualtpur, Varanasi-221002, India
Email: shruti@pvchr.asia
Mobile: +91-9935599331/0


Ms Ruma Roka : Deep passion with Noida Deaf Society (NDS)

Ruma Roka was a homemaker restless to find a mission and meaning to life and a dream to start a school for the underprivileged. One day she came across a news reader interpreting the News on National TV in Sign Language. She was deeply intrigued by the use of hands for communication and decided to learn Sign Language even though she had no deaf person in her family or even in a distant friends circle. In 2004, she completed her course and this knowledge of Sign language got her in touch with the Deaf community and she started researching about the Deaf, their issues and the needs. She started volunteering as interpreter for deaf parents in times of school admissions and at hospitals with ailing deaf adults. The more time she spent with the Deaf, the more she realized the need to do something. There was no looking back from this point. She realized that there were complex issues facing the Deaf in the country such as lack of education facilities, dearth of resources customized for the Deaf and hardly any avenues for holistic development. And most importantly there was no access to quality training leading to sustainable livelihood. 
To address some of these issues she started an organization called Noida Deaf Society (NDS) in 2005. She started from a small two bed room flat belonging to her husband and the money from a matured insurance policy. The journey started with just five students and Ruma as the only trainer. Through word of mouth the organisation started growing and is today reaching out to 1000 students every year. The goal is to enable the complete integration of the Deaf into the mainstream through education and specialised vocational programs leading to meaningful employment.
With her deep passion she has driven NDS’s growth from just 5 students to having impacted 4500 youth and facilitated employment for over 1100 trained youth in the formal industry.
She has been invited to speak at various forums and has been instrumental in spreading awareness and sensitizing corporates, schools and the parents of the deaf about the needs, challenges and the abilities of the deaf community. 
She was invited to speak at the prestigious platform TED@Bangalore 2012 and at TEDx Gateway Mumbai 2012
She also received the ‘Woman of Excellence Award 2013’ by Woman’s International Network (WIN) for her work in the disability sector. Refer: www.noidadeafsociety.org

NDS was the proud recipient of the prestigious National Centre for Promotion of Employment of Disabled person’s (NCPEDP) Shell Helen Keller Award in the year 2008 for exemplary contribution in employment of people with disabilities. She was also awarded under the category of ‘Idol Makers’ award by prominent news channel in India, IBN 7 and Bajaj Alliance “Super Idol Award” in the year 2010

In 2015 she received the Stree Shakti Sammaan from the Divya Chhaya Trust in memory of philanthropist and educator Shreemati Dayawati Mody. 

In 2016 she received the Times Now 'Amazing Indian Award in the Educator of India category from Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi .

In January 2016 in a campaign by the Ministry of Women and Child development she was selected as one of the 100 Women Achievers of India under the Disadvantaged and Disability Category and was felicitated by the Honorable President of India Shri Pranab Mukherji at Rashtrapati Bhavan. 

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Ms Latha Sundaram : Managing Trustee of Aram Foundation charitable Trust

Latha Sundaram ,former Indian volleyball player, an Indian  Railway employee , and Managing Trustee of Aram Foundation charitable Trust has made a difference in the lives of thousands of  underprivileged women and children through EDUCATION  and AWARENESS programs on charity  basis. Following are the major projects launched   and continuing since 2012. The    daywise   activities  with  photos  are available in https://www.facebook.com/Aram-Foundation-Charitable-Trust-417419358313304/?fref=ts.

1 HAPPY CHILD project  solely aims to make the child independent happy and self confident with good habits and conducted for the students from 1 to 12 standards covering over 45,000 underprivileged children.This is being done with the help of psychologist, social work students and volunteers from NSS. This program helps to  develop the  soft skills, altruistic behaviour, courteous manners , cleanliness, time management skills  etc.The self evaluation booklets are  good in monitoring them and in awarding rewards for  categories like most courteous, most helpful, most neat and tidy,
most outstanding and 100% attendance.  (2012)

2. HAPPY CHILD, POSITIVE PARENTING AND HARMONIOUS FAMILY project  which would mentor and motivate the children on a range of matters and make them positive to bring the best out of them has benefitted 12000 students (approx) of class 9 to 12 in corporation schools where the children are mostly from broken families,  no good role models and no guidance whatsoever. There was a positive influence in the behaviour of thousands of children such as getting them to be more responsible,  helping them kick off vices and improve their concentration on academics. This was a seven month program .  (2013)

3. This is perhaps the first trust ever to teach self defense techniques and give hands on training regarding AWARENESS, SELF VIGILANCE AND SELF DEFENSE TRAINING WORKSHOP for the girls in corporation and government   schools, colleges and corporates with counselors and professional self- defense trainers benefiting  90,000 above girls. Twelve basic techniques  that will help them escape from any untoward situation are taught.This builds their confidence and alertness . Tips on how to identify systematic abuse is taught. Specific cases of abuse are given counseling and guidance by expert counselors and psychologist. Taught in sessions of two and half hours in batches of 200 (100 pairs ) (2013)

4. Safe touch awareness to rural and urban children over 30,000 kids with volunteers trained through the training the trainers program specially for this through CDs, written material and leaflets.The rehabilitation of children who have been victims of physical, psychological and sexual abuse with follow up has been done .Simultaneously the teachers and parents are also given awareness on how to identify the change in behaviour due to abuse, and how to deal with it and where to get help from. Most of these  projects have covered schools and colleges  in coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode and Salem.
This is repeated every year.(2012,2013,2014,2015 )

5. Aram foundation had  conducted the GENERAL GUIDANCE AND SPECIAL COUNSELING PROJECT for all the children from 8th to 12th standards of  26 Corporation schools and 11 private schools .The general counseling is phase 1 and the   sessions deal with adolescence, emotional control, parental support, environment issues, fear , anxiety, parts and functions of the brain etc. During phase 2 action plan for children  nominated based on the criteria given who needed guidance on a variety of matters is given . During phase 3 the follow up and motivational session is conducted to
monitor the change in their behaviour with individual case study and follow up by counselors and neuro- psychologists and educationists. This has brought about a positive academic and behavioral impact . Parenting problems are addressed  with solutions for better family ties .This is a year long program and continues for the fourth year in succession now.(2014)

6 LEGAL AWARENESS PROGRAMS for women and girls to create awareness on their legal rights and  privileges, and free legal advice on issues are conducted by the lawyers and has benefited over 10000 girls . (approx)

7. Joining hands with the Salem division of Southern Railways as part of the Swachh Bharat project the  Foundation  has been involved in the cleanliness drive and beautification of the Railway stations across Salem Division since last October. 16 programs of cleanliness drives, awareness programs through street plays and flash mob and graffiti in coimbatore Railway station , railway colony and railway schools , 4 in Tirupur and 1 in Erode and two in Podanur station has been conducted with student volunteers.

Graffiti in the 1 and half km wall of the coimbatore Railway station with 275 volunteers was an epic day long event. The city centre walls, offices , schools and  EB offices  orphanages and old age homes have been beautified with awareness messages.The entire wards of the General Hospital, Coimbatore  has been painted for positive ambience for the patients over 8 weekends by students.

 8. A daylong  EFFICIENCY WORKSHOP FOR SPECIAL EDUCATORS  for the  83 trainers of Autistic children trainers of SSA and AUTISM BOOKLET released by the executive member of the trust .

9. Academic help for 10th standard corporation school students numbering 275 in smart classes  with the help of thirteen trained teachers recruited for the  after school sessions on wednesdays and saturdays has commenced since September 2015.

10.  Five Awareness and entertainment and counselling for the first time offenders in Central prison has been done.

11. The trust had adopted  ward  54 with 2650 households and conducted cleanliness drive along with the sanitary workers door to door  for source segregation for nearly a month and brought in public co-operation and  significant changes in Cleanliness of the area. Played a key role in mobilizing 6850 students from 33 schools for participation in
the "Guinness record on the Largest lesson on Recycling " conducted by the Coimbatore corporation in 2015. Played a vital role in the program with Traffic wardens of CCP in bringing a 100% coverage of traffic rules in all schools and colleges in Coimbatore City  in 2012-13

Award received : one award from All India Radio and press trust for best social work on12/12/2012

Dr. Kinjal Chandra : Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Founder of Pehel Pediatric Therapy Centre

Dr. Kinjal Chandra is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Founder of Pehel Pediatric Therapy Centre, Mulund, Mumbai. It caters to children with Developmental Disabilities like Autism, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome, etc. At a very young age of 25 years since she started working clinically in various hospitals, NGO’s and clinics around Mumbai she came across the harsh reality that these kids and parents were going through about poor awareness and acceptance in the society and schools. She realized that she wasn’t really bringing about a difference in their lives just by treating them sitting in the air conditioned clinic. Getting out and about in the society and bringing about a mind shift was the need of the hour. She founded her own clinic Pehel Pediatric Therapy Centre and started a small, self determined fight to bring about a real change in the way in which these kids were perceived by the society. Since then she has been striving day and night to achieve this goal. She started taking lectures in many hospitals, NGO’s, schools for the parents and professionals which were appreciated by the media on many occasions. She conducted an awareness talk for Pediatricians of Grant Govt. Medical College and Sir J.J group of hospitals, Mumbai (26th Sept 2013). Post that she addressed around 110 Pediatricians, Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapist from all over Mumbai on awareness of developmental disabilities as a Faculty held at J.J Hospital, Mumbai (5th Feb 2014).

She worked in a NGO - Association for the Welfare of Persons with a Mental Handicap (AWMH), Maharashtra and trained special educators and provided therapy at the lowest cost to children from the slums in and around Mumbai. She also gave a talk at Catholic Health Association of India and addressed many Nurses, Special educators and Social workers on issues of Developmental Disabilities and their management (14th Oct 2014).

Along with this she also ventured into spreading awareness into rural areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat. She conducted a awareness Workshop on Learning Disability at Caramel School for the mentally handicap at Sawangi- Meghe, a village in Wardha, Maharashtra addressing many special educators and social workers on identification in management of Learning Disability, Autism & Behavioral Disorders in kids (13th Nov 2014). She was also a part of the medical team at a camp conducted at villages like Bhuj and Naliya in Kutch, Gujarat where kids and adults were screened and treated (27-29th Dec 2008). She also gave a talk addressing hundreds of parents and special educators from villages like Nashik, Sangamner, Shreerampur and Kopargaon for a “ Awareness Cum Sensitization program for parents of special children and educators “ organized by Savali Palak Sangh, Pune on behalf of NATIONAL TRUST, New Delhi by Department of Empowerment of person with disabilities, Government of India (1st Nov 2015).

She also provides lectures at local community organizations like Shree Mulund KVO Samaj where she conducted a parental workshop for hundreds of parents (15th June 2014). She gives awareness lectures every year addressing parents of Bhanushali community (29th Oct 2013 & 22nd Feb 2015). She was invited as a guest lecturer to address students of Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati Career Development Centre to speak on Learning Disability and its management (29th Oct 2014). Alongside she also conducted numerous awareness lectures on Developmental disabilities at various schools like Jnan Sarita High School, Mulund (27th Sept 2015); Adarsh vidhyalaya, Mulund (1st Oct 2015); S.M.P.R High school, Mulund (4th Oct 2015); CAD Pre-school, Mulund (17th Oct 2014); Rainbow Pre-school, Mulund (4th Oct 2015); St. Lawrence High school, Thane (5th Nov 2015); Chitter chatter Pre-school, Mulund (28th Oct 2015); addressing teachers about early identification, awareness, acceptance, management and mainstreaming of children with Developmental disabilities. She along with Rotaract Club of Mumbai Mulund South conducted “ NADAAN PARINDEY – An Autism and Learning Disability Initiative” wherein they performed a street play at railway stations and public gardens spreading awareness directly amongst public about these disabilities (5th Sept 2015). She also writes articles in Police Prabhav newspaper dedicated to the police fraternity of Mumbai about awareness of these Developmental Disabilities (3rd Oct 2015). Even at her clinic she conducts various workshops for parents of kids with Developmental Disabilities addressing their physical, dental, educational and medical needs by different resource persons for an overall care of their children.

Her work was appreciated on an online blog “Scrollthrough” for her work towards children with learning disability and other Special needs (8th Oct 2015). 

On many occasions she had been into local newspapers like GURJARMAT (9th Sept 2015), ARASPARAS (14th Sept 2015), MULUND NEWS (28th Oct 2014 & 15th Sept 2015), LOKMAT WARDHA (13th Nov 2014), LOKAMAT AHEMADNAGAR (2nd Nov 2015), Police Prabhav (3rd Oct 2015). Along with this the street play was also covered by a local news channel HOME NEWS (8th Sept 2015) which was telecasted many times. She has indeed spread the awareness about these issues at various levels in urban and rural society.

Also find attached proof of the newspaper clippings and other related documents in PDF format.

Facebook Page Link- 

Ms Shima Sendhil : sincere commitment and endless efforts have made her a popular humanitarian

Shima Sendhil was born in a village in Kerala on November 22, 1972. At present, she is serving as the Correspondent of Rathinam International Public School, Coimbatore (RIPS). She had her school education in an ordinary school in Kerala that provided excellent and comprehensive education and up-bringing. Later, Mrs.Shima Sendhil took up a major in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida, USA. While being a student there in USA, she earned for her college education by doing part time jobs and also from the financial grant provided by the US government for students who maintain a good grade point average. Apart from her graduation, she has an experience of working as a technical staff in SIEMENS, USA for five years. After her return from USA, she has worked as a teacher for a year in KPM School, which is one among the institutions of Rathinam Group. To gain further knowledge on the Indian working environment, she took up a job with Mobax Networks in Coimbatore and there she worked as a technical writer for four years. Now she is the mother of three children.

As Rathinam Group grew, she had to actively participate in the family business. At present, she is a dedicated, resourceful, and innovative educationist with a rich academic and administrative experience. Her dedication to perfection and broad experience has also earned the Principal of RIPS School a special award from the Governor for SMILE FOUNDATION ACTIVITIES.

Being one of the active directors of RATHINAM ARUMUGAM RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, she has organized various programmes to create awareness

among children and youngsters. By way of organizing such awareness programmes, she was able to sow her ideas on social well-being in the society. In addition, she along with her husband pioneered the flow of CSR funds from large corporates such as ICICI and L&T into free skill based training for 4000 people on a yearly basis which is all completely free for the students.  Skill training is for telecommunications, electrical wiring, plumbing, communication skills, photography, hair dressing,etc .  Rathinavani 90.8 is another initiative from her along with her husband which is community radio that won the award for being one of most innovative and creative community radios from the I&B Ministry last year.  Through the radio many community based social activities such as Chennai flood relief, Nepal Earthquake relief, Helmet awareness, Education for Illiterate Adults, Blood Donation Camps, Fire Safety awareness, planting trees, No food waste, Scholarship schemes are being initiated by her. 
She made her debut as a social activist in taking the major part of organizing the “no food waste programme” along with Mr. Abdul Kahni, a notable socialist. It was a huge success wherein it paved the way for another milestone “wealth out of waste” programme, bearing the importance of making use of wastes.
She is all the more committed to bring about the real and practical results in the lives of



Mrs. Shima Sendhil, who is well known as a philanthropist initiated a vocational training in the field of medical transcription. She was a part of it for a year. Graduates from rural background were chosen and given rigorous training. The prime focus of the training programme was to develop the graduates’ communication and help them explore the various career prospects in the pertaining field. The training facilitated the graduates to grab the ocean of opportunities.
"A book is a gift you can open again and again”. Adding to her role as an educationist, RIPS children along with Mrs. Shima Sendhil contributed books to the orphan children on The World Literacy Day emphasizing the importance of the education and knowledge in the modern era committing herself to maintain quality and efficiency. She lit the spark of interest for reading in the young minds.

Entrepreneur Development Cell at Rathinam Techzone campus is purely a brainchild of Mrs. Shima which was inaugurated by His Excellency the Governor of Tamil Nadu Dr. K. Rosaiah. The Entrepreneur Development Cell constantly motivates young people that through innovation and creativity anyone can become a success in business, no matter how young he or she is.


Shima has proven herself to be an active naturalist by initiating the tree plantation launch along with Actor Vivek at Rathinam campus under Green Kalam Project. Nearly 10,000 tree

saplings were planted in and around the Rathinam Campus. Her sincere efforts as a planet redeemer have earned her recognition all around making her a remarkable personality.

Shima took an extra step to make sure that the society goes green to save the planet. She organized a fashion show with the theme “Green World” to spur on the youth community to enjoy, appreciate and save the nature.


Amidst various responsibilities and social constraints, some women teachers excel in their profession. In an effort to appreciate and encourage those teachers who are willing to travel the extra mile, Mrs.Shima presented Recognition Awards on the International Women’s day.

·        Mrs. Shima is a recipient of the prestigious “Women Entrepreneur Award” from

Karur Vysya Bank on Women’s day celebration in the year 2013.

·        She was invited as a distinguished dignitary in many institutions and organizations. The reputed US based Multi-National Company, VWR acclaimed her as one of the most inspirational women in the year 2012.

Her sincere commitment and endless efforts have made her a popular humanitarian and a successful edupreneur.

Ms Nisha Subramanian Kunju : an animal lover and environment friend

Nisha Subramanian Kunju is an animal lover and environment friend from Mumbai, Maharashtra. She have started working for animal welfare cause as an Student Member of Smt. Maneka Gandhi's People for Animals, presently she is associated with Plant & Animals Welfare Society - Mumbai (PAWS-Mumbai) as Treasurer, Administrator - Cum - PRO and also associated with government agencies like Government of India's Animal Welfare Board of India as Hony. Animal Welfare Officer, Wildlife Crime Control Bureau as Volunteer. She is also the Founder Trustee of Parivartan Pratishthan an NGO working for social cause in the city of Mumbai and nearby areas.

She undertaken activities like Wildlife Rescue especially Birds Rescuing from Residential area and releasing back into the natural Habitat of Forest under the supervision of Wildlife Dept. Staff, Inspecting Circus / Zoos as part of AWO PAWS-Mumbai Team Member and report of which is been send to all authorities for necessary action, Organising Vaccination Camps for Strays, Giving First Aid & taking Care of Injured Birds which are been rescued by PAWS-Mumbai Team, Creating Awareness about Animal Welfare / Laws, etc., Managing calls received by PAWS-Mumbai for help, Taking-up issues related to women's and society. And have successfully involved Students into Animal Welfare & Environment Protection Movement launched by PAWS-Mumbai.  She have received several appreciation letters and awards for my contribution towards the noble cause of animal welfare and environment protection. 

She strongly believe that "it's all happened because of support, blessing and guidance from my family, friends, supporters and well wishers without which nothing can be possible". She can be contact at PAWS-Mumbai Helpline +91 9833480388, Telephone +91 22 25968314 or write to her at E-Mailnishakunju@gmail.com / call9833480388@gmail.com.

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