बुधवार, 30 मार्च 2016

Dr. Hetal Acharya : International Expert of Ayurveda

In present era high intellectual development arose a problem of excessive thoughts and its 

waves affecting human AURA and hence health. Thoughts are root cause of illness. Many 
diseases are considered psychosomatic nowadays. Its a big issue in current scenario of human 
health that how to eradicate effect of thoughts and its waves from Human AURA, mind and 
body. Ayurveda can give answer for it. Ayurveda connects one with nature and physical and 
mental health can be obtained easily by balance of inner natural forces. Which helps to get rid 
of psychosomatic conditions affecting human health in current scenario of illness. This concept 
of Ayurveda revealed effectivity for complete wellness while addressing at UNITED NATIONS, 
Ayurveda is such a Science based on balance of five basic natural elements for human health. 
Sages and seers found its roots in deep higher meditative status and with extreme purity of 
chitta after enlightenment. Its not only deals with human body and its diseases but wellbeing of 
atma (soul), indriyas (sensory organs) and mana (mind). Which reflects in definition of health 
given by WHO, where physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being is included. 
It was a great moment for me to represent Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Nadi-Nidana (diagnosis by 
pulse) along with Meditation for Complete wellness with above context of elimination of effect of 
thoughts and a way to complete wellness at UNITED NATIONS HEAD QUARTER, NEW YORK, 
There was an Interactive and Question-Answer session on Ayurveda – the Science of Life 
arranged at head quarter of United Nations,New York, USA. 
Staff members of the United Nations (including UN specialized agencies, programs and funds), missions 
to the United Nations, members of the press accredited to the United Nations, and NGOs, and their 
families participated enthusiastically attended this program and obtained tips . 
While speaking on the subject of “Ayurveda – the Science of Life”, tips advised for physical and mental 
Wellness. Present era is era of thought pollution and thoughts affect Human Aura and hence health. 
Ayurveda – Panchakarma can help to purify negative energy from AURA. Meditation is inevitable for 
mental peace. Researches on Water crystals conducted at Japan by renauned Scientist Dr.Emoto shown that 
positive changes in health can happen by regular practice of Samarpan Meditation. 
Harmonized combination of Ayurveda and Meditation is necessary for complete Wellness. 
Effects of Ayurveda-Panchakarma like, Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage), Svedana (Fomentation), 
Shirodhara (oil pouring on forehead), Basti (Medicated enema), etc. and Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle 
conveyed to Audience. Different countries’ representatives experienced Ancient Indian System of 
Diagnosis – Nadi Nidana (pulse diagnosis) as well. Meditation after Kundalini Awakening helps to maintain energy centre balance.
Collective Samarpan meditation session was also conducted during program. Many people found deep mental peace and some of them felt cold vibration in hands after 
meditation session. 
Many people of us are known to several basic principles of Ayurveda but its application in daily life can 
lead us to a better status of Health, it was opinion of Mr. Vijay Nambiyar (Secretary General’s special 
advisor on Myanmar) who was distinguished guest of this program. 
Mr. Nambiyar who was chef the cabinet in U.N., shared his views on Panchakarma and benefit from 
regular Panchakarma, he also honored myself with a Certificate of Appreciation and memento. 
It was a great honor given to Ancient Indian legacy of AYURVEDA and MEDITATION at global level. 
This magnificent achievement was also appreciated by Hon. President of India. For extra-ordinary 
contribution in the field of Health care and wellness to promote Ayurveda – Meditation Internationally, I 
was felicitated by Hon. President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee on 22nd Jan., 2016 and invited for lunch 
with Hon. President at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi, India. I was selected amongst #100 women 
achievers of India by Ministry of Women and Child Development, India. I was the only Ayurveda Doctor 
selected for this honor from  over India.
Recently received Special Achievement Award amongst Iron ladies of Rajkot for this contribution on Women's day.

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